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MET/CBT 5 trainings can be provided to your agency or group of agencies in a variety of modalities;

  • In person,

  • Hybrid - online and in person and

  • Virtual online

 MET/CBT 5 Training Brochure


Motivational Enhancement Therapy / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Five Sessions (MET/CBT 5) is a powerful brief treatment model that has been tested and proven effective in hundreds of outpatient treatment, juvenile probation and correction and school based intervention sites throughout the United States and Canada. MET/CBT 5 was originally developed during the largest adolescent treatment study (The CYT Study) and then further MET/CBT 5 was proven effective in diverse populations and settings during the CSAT Effective Adolescent Treatment Expansion.   

The CYT MET/CBT 5 manual is written specifically for cannabis treatment but the manual was used during the EAT project and proved to be as effective with other substances of abuse as well.


MET/CBT 5 has the following strengths:

  1. Cost effective – MET/CBT 5 cost thousands of dollars less per client compared to more extensive approaches.

  2. Proven Effectiveness – MET/CBT 5 has been demonstrated to provide positive outcomes with adolescents with substance use disorders in outpatient treatment settings in diverse populations and settings. MET/CBT 5 is listed as an Evidence Based Practice.

  3. Positive Client Responses – The MET/CBT 5 protocol includes both individual and group sessions which incorporate diverse counseling, teaching and learning styles - including worksheets, role-plays, group brainstorming, worksheets and homework exercises for out of session real life practices.

  4. Adjunct treatment – MET/CBT 5 can be used as a standalone brief treatment model or as a cadre of planned complementary  treatment modalities (including CBT 7 group sessions). 

  5. Easily adaptable with current treatments - The therapeutic approaches of MET and CBT are used extensively in other treatment modalities and MET/CBT 5 is readily accepted as a part of the treatment milieu of counselors in diverse settings, including outpatient, school based programs, juvenile probation and corrections and other community based programs.
  6. Culturally Sensitive – The spirit of MET and CBT are individual based and thus have full respect for the clients individual and cultural differences.



In-Person Training Componants

Traditional training modality: A highly trained Pinnacle Peak Institute trainer will join your participants for two and a half days of hands on personal instruction in implementing the MET/CBT 5 manualized protocol. The training is tailored to your agencies population needs. The MET/CBT 5 training includes didactic and interactive modalities including PowerPoint, videos, role-plays and interactive teaching.  
Hybrid training Modality: Combined with the online Moodle learning modules MET/CBT 5 can be presented in an innovative hybrid modality that includes a three week Moodle course and a one day in person training component.



Innovative Video Conferencing Training Componants

Combined with the online Moodle learning modules MET/CBT 5 can be presented in an innovative fully online learning environment. Pinnacle Peak Institute (PPI) utilizes modern video conferencing technologies to provide a five hour interactive online training with up to eight participants, The participants complete a three week series of learning modules on the Pinnacle Peak Institute Moodle learning site. After demonstrating full competency of the learning module materials, the agency participants engage in a five hour video conference with highly qualified PPI trainers. The webcam conference includes didactic PowerPoint, Role-plays, video clips and hands on instruction from the PPI trainers.  The training is tailored to your agencies population needs.



 Online MOODLE Training Componants

Pinnacle Peak Institute utilizes MOODLE to present MET/CBT 5 learning modules.  MOODLE is an online learning environment utilized by many Universities and Colleges in providing online college courses. The PPI MET/CBT 5 course includes diverse teaching learning and competency testing modalities including lectures, video clips, learning materials and interactive student interactions. All participants must demonstrate full competency of the presented materials through assignments and tests in order to participate in the in person components of the hybrid or video conference MET/CBT 5 training.





MET/CBT 5 Manual