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The following link is for a document written by Dr Miller giving his perspective of Motivational Interviewing

Click on the following link to read an article from September 1992 • American Psychologist in which Prochaska & DiClemente describing the development of the "Stages of Change Model"





Motivational Interviewing web site



Motivational Interviewing, First Edition



Motivational Interviewing in the Treatment

of PsychologicalProblems

is a practical guide, edited by the leading

expertsand developers of this technique.  

It clearly moves motivational  interviewing beyond

the original arena of substance abuse to

application with patients with diverse psychological

challengesand toward their improved self-management

and engagement intreatment.



Dr William Miller Motivational Enhancement Therapy Manual



Motivational Enhancement with adolescents




Motivational Interviewing has as its foundation Client Centered Therapy. The client centered web page gives information and video presentations of Carl Rogers therapuetic approach.


Carl Rodgers person centered therapy page


Online Book Motivational Interviewing


Motivational Interviewing, Second Edition: Preparing People for Change 



Motivational Interviewing (Brief Therapy for Addictions Series)

See William R. Miller utilize Motivational Interviewing

in an actual counseling session with a client

struggling with addiction.